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Car Window Sunshade

Car Window Sunshade

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Product introduction:

Material: polyester mesh, elastic band

product name: black yarn side cover
product packaging: OPP bag
product color: black
Material: black gauze 55G per square

S small car: 100*54cm
M Square SUV: 105*52M
L medium-sized car: 113*50CM

ront window 1pair and  Front window  size:  50*115cm around

1. Keep the interior of the car cool and comfortable.
2. Isolation of UV and high temperature radiation to prevent internal components from fading due to sun exposure.
3. Always installed on both sides of the glass to effectively reflect and block the conduction of heat and reduce the temperature inside the vehicle.
4. Unique design completely covers the window.
5. Easy to install and store.
6. Make the driving process safer and more heat-dissipating.
7.Environmental protection: Reduce the volatilization of harmful substances in the car, thus reducing the damage to the human body.
8. Anti-mosquito net cover, anti-mosquito and UV protection at the same t

Packing list: sunshade*1

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