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Little Duck Climbing Stairs Toy Little Penguin Automatic Ladder Light

Little Duck Climbing Stairs Toy Little Penguin Automatic Ladder Light

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1. Automatic ladder function

The simple and cute little dolls swayed and lined up to climb the stairs, slide down the slide, and then slowly climb the stairs, with lights and music, it looked more interesting

2. Rotating slide design

The slide is exciting. Although the slide is not long, the design is very characteristic. The three little dolls keep sliding down from the height and then go up the stairs. You chase after me. It's fun.

3. Music lighting effects

The slides have colorful lights and beautiful music so that children can better interact with the small animals. The small animals slide down one by one, which is lively and interesting.

4. Parent-child assembly

Hands and brains, exercise the baby's various intelligent development, activate the baby's brain thinking, exercise the child's perception ability in vision, space and other aspects

5. Two styles to choose

Cute and smart little duck, the yellow appearance is high-end and atmospheric, and the little penguin blue looks elegant and beautiful. Come on! Let's enter the music slide together!


Be careful to fasten the connection between track 3 and the main body so that the cartoon doll can pass smoothly.

Product information:   

Capacity development: Other capacity development
Type: Electric toys
Color: USB power cord direct charge version, USB power cord direct charge version + battery delivery, USB direct charge + rechargeable version (charger + rechargeable battery)
Specifications: small duck medium + 3 ducks to send USB power cord

A: USB power cord direct charging version

B: Track + 3 little yellow ducks (battery version)
C: Track + 6 little yellow ducks (battery version)
D: Track + 9 little yellow ducks (battery version)

Packing list:

Track base ᅲ 1
Arch card board ᅲ 1
Doll ᅲ 3
Track ᅲ 3

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