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USB Rechargeable LED Dog Collar for Nighttime Safety

USB Rechargeable LED Dog Collar for Nighttime Safety

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Charging instructions: Do not directly charge with high-voltage mobile phones, if directly charged, it is easy to damage the power supply.
The correct method is to use the computer's USB low voltage to charge it, and plug it into the computer, before charging, the power supply must have electricity, you can keep the power supply active, and the service life can be extended.

SAFETY PET COLLAR: This makes your pet dog be seen in low light conditions and vehicles, which can help you keep your dog safe. The led light is visible approx 500 meters(1640 ft) at night under enough charge status.


Color: white
Material: PU
Specifications: Optical fiber 35cm, optical fiber 50cm, optical fiber 70cm
Specifications (length * width): optical fiber type 35cm, optical fiber type 50cm, optical fiber type 70cm
Product Category: Collar

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